What Makes This Program Unique?

This educational program is based on Dr. Sue Johnson’s best-selling book Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Loving. The workshop builds on the core concepts of Emotionally Focused Therapy, best known as EFT, a research-validated approach to couple therapy that has demonstrated excellent outcomes with many different kinds of couples. The research studies show that 70-75% of couples in EFT therapy move from distress into recovery. In this program, couples have the opportunity to learn and practice conversations that help partners feel emotionally safe and secure in the relationship.

About The Workshop

In this workshop, couples will learn and experience new ways of connecting and creating new interactional patterns that strengthen and provide a safe and secure bond for a lifetime of love. Specifically, through the use of the conversations, couples will learn to: 1) identify and break the negative cycle that takes over the relationship 2) learn about softer emotions 3) learn more about the partner and the self 4) create more trust and intimacy

Learning Approach

The workshop is divided into different parts. Short lectures will be used to introduce the essence of love, the concept of attachment and introductions to the different conversations. Couples will then be shown video examples of couples who have succeeded in stepping out of their negative cycles and have created a safe haven in their relationship. Group discussions will take place and group participation is entirely optional.

Experiential Learning

Couples are introduced to the Hold Me Tight Conversations and then they will be given an opportunity to practice privately each of the conversations. The purpose of the experiential learning is so that couples learn to speak to each other in new ways that will enhance their understanding of one another and ensure they avoid the “demon dialogues” in favor of conversations for connection.


Early registration is recommended. This workshop will be comprised of only 4-6 couples (8-12 people maximum)

Cancellation POLICY

Cancellations made within 48 hours of purchase will be refunded fully. Any other type of cancellation must be made prior to the registration closing deadline: In such case, the cost of the workshop will be refunded minus a $100 processing/administration fee.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. You can reach me at elana.lerman@gmail.com or call me at 416 725 4817