As individuals, we are exposed to many life experiences that may challenge our well-being as well as our relationships. Personally, I experienced fear, loneliness and lack of self-worth following a divorce and other significant loses in my life. My own journey in therapy has taught me that change is possible especially when we can work through our emotional pain. In fact, it is this belief about change that motivated me to switch careers and become a therapist.

Individual therapy offers individuals a safe space where these experiences can be shared and explored. Many of these experiences include:

  • anxiety and uncertainty
  • depression
  • trauma (childhood, adult and relational trauma)
  • life transitions (career, relocation)
  • family dynamics (separation & divorce, family of origin)
  • grief and loss
  • self-esteem


Inspired by emotion focused and compassion-based approaches to therapy, I will guide you into your inner world so that you gain a better understanding of the core beliefs, emotions and behaviors you used in order to cope. This process will help you connect to the authentic self so that you can invite and implement the changes you desire to ensure you lead a more fulfilling and peaceful life.