“The Most Profound Thing We Can Offer Our Children is Our Own Healing" ( AnneLamott)

Parenting can be a very rewarding experience, yet we are often faced with many challenges along our children’s developmental journey. Parenting support is aimed at helping you as the parent/caregiver restore your capacity to be in the driver’s seat and come along side your child/teen or adult child’s journey to not only feel better but get better at feeling.

If you are struggling with your child/teen or adult child’s emotional rollercoaster and/or behavioral issues, you are not alone. Parenting indeed can be challenging at times, especially when we have tried everything in the planet, and nothing seems to work. We begin to feel helpless and discouraged, unintentionally giving room for our emotions to appear and take over, often impacting negatively the relationship between ourselves and our children. Sounds familiar? 

To me, it is; I have been there and it’s not fun, to say the least! You can read my brief personal history of parenting here.

Now, the good news is that I can come along side and support you in dealing with your own challenges and that of your children (of all ages) by drawing upon extensive knowledge of the science of emotions coupled with a thorough understanding of the theory of attachment and its importance when applied to human relationships and child development alike.

Specifically, having participated and now leading the Emotion Focused Skills Training program (EFST), coupled with my ongoing studies at the Neufeld Institute, I am well equipped to support you by helping YOU be the answer to your child’s struggles and further guide you through the implementation of the NET skill set learned in the EFST program to build, repair and transform the relationship with them. 

If you have not yet taken the EFST workshop, you are encouraged to register for it so that you can learn the NET set of skills necessary to transform your most important relationship with your loved ones. Once completed, I can provide you with ongoing support in the implementation of the skills learned. 



Emotions matter in building long-lasting relationships.

In the EFST Program, you will learn the NET Skills Set

N-navigate your own emotions and that of your child

E-Enhance your motivation and that of your child for change

T-transform problematic relationships in your family

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