Hold Me Tight for Couples

Hold Me Tight WorkshopSide view of happy mature couple looking at each other against clear blue sky

Couples may often find themselves engaged in negative patterns of interaction when dealing with different issues such as parenting, sex, finances and the like. They find themselves moving in different directions and reacting to each other in ways that may ultimately lead to distancing and even disengagement from one another. At this point, the dance between the partners is no longer coherent and in fact, many may stop dancing altogether.

The purpose of the workshop is to assist couples in improving and strengthening their emotional connection by engaging and experiencing new steps in the dance of love that will lead to a secure and lasting relationship bond.

This workshop is based on the book Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a life time of love by Dr. Sue Johnson (2008). The workshop builds on the core concepts of Emotionally Focused Therapy, best known as EFT, a research-validated approach to couple therapy that has demonstrated up to 70% effectiveness with even highly distressed couples.

In this workshop, couples will learn and experience new ways of connecting and creating new interactional patterns that strengthen and provide a safe and secure bond for a life time of love.

Specifically, through the use of the conversations, couples will learn to:

  • identify and break the negative cycle that takes over the relationship
  • learn about softer emotions
  • learn more about your partner
  • forgive injuries that may have destroyed trust
  • create more trust and intimacy
  • deepen sexual connection

The workshop will include video examples of couples who have succeeded in stepping out of their negative  cycles and have created a safe heaven in their relationship.

Dates:  To be advertised soon……Take a look at Events in the front page